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Floor Magic's Carpet

Floor Magic is the best at listening to anyone who enters our showrooms. We gather their thoughts and needs to offer a brief tour of our showroom, not just of our carpet offering but any product that may work in their space. Floor Magic insists that our clients take home display boards (larger samples) to help them with their choosing. Along with a free in-home visit, we warrantee their flooring installation for life.

Why Choose Carpet?
Acoustically there is nothing like carpet. With at least weekly vacuuming, carpeting is a very clean and healthy surface. In fact carpet will purify the air in a room better than most hard surfaces!

Air constantly circulates in a room and as air moves so do the particulates, which get trapped in the carpet pile. A vacuum with a Hepa filter will remove those particulates. Compare this to a hard surface floor where the dust and particulates are pushed around not being completely removed from the air.

Once a client realizes what they give up when think about switching from carpet they re-consider. With regular cleaning of the entire carpet it is as clean as any other hard surface. The softness is unbeatable, the acoustic properties are unmatched, and the cost per yard is the best. Lastly, the quality of carpet has vastly improved with new technology in production.

Noise Reduction Comparison
There is no comparison. With the fiber of the carpet and the cushion, the closest hard surface would be cork. Carpet is fantastic for Bedrooms and Living Rooms.

Which Carpet?
If one is sensitive to synthetic smells, look at wool carpet. For durability, consider wool and better nylon. If your carpeting spare bedrooms, go with a polypropylene or polyester. Stairs or Offices; we recommend a nice looking Commercial carpet that will wear like iron.

What the Carpet Installation Process Looks Like
Carpet installation takes less than a full day unless you want to do more than three rooms.

First our men removes the carpet and padding. They then vacuum the sub floor completely. Then you are ready for cushion (in most cases we will staple it down) then the carpet is what we call "stretch installed" which eliminates and puckering or ridges in the carpet later on. The room must be empty to accomplish this work, which we can move items for an additional charge.

Disposal of Old Carpet Post-Installation
We can set up the disposal of old carpet. It is generally 50 cents/sq.ft.

Carpet Care
We provide a complete kit of how to care for your carpet